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Royal Ludroth

Species: Leviathan
Weakness And Resistance Elements
Front Leg:(20)(0)(10)(10)(0)
Back Leg:(20)(0)(10)(5)(0)
Weakened Sign: Limping
Signiture move: Body Roll, Water Bomb
Size: 1359.8 cm to 1931.5 cm

Damage Analysis

Extra Info
The Royal Ludroth is a medium sized Leviathan, and the alpha-male of the Ludroth. It has a crown-like crest as well as a large yellow mane; both of which can be broken. Its tail can also be cut off which if collected it can be worth a lot.
When in Rage mode, it shoots three water bombs that, if walked upon or struck by, will cause Waterblight, which causes stamina to recover much slower than normal. It can also fire three water bombs when not in Rage mode, but it does this rarely.