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Species: Flying Wyvern
Element: None
Weakness And Resistance Elements
Weakened Sign: Limping
Signiture move: Vacuum Breath, Spike Roll
Size: 1562.9 cm to 2844.8 cm

Damage Analysis

Extra Info
Gobul is often relatively passive until attacked. It spends most of its time lying under the river bed, exposing only its whiskers, to disguise itself as a common plant. During this hidden state, hunters can gather from it, but should be cautious, as this is used as a trap to lure prey. It can also be attacked when in this state.
When Gobul is unaware of the hunter's presence, its whiskers can be carved 2 times, its body can be attacked, or it can be forced out of hiding with a Sonic Bomb.
Gobul's lantern will dim when the monster is fatigued, but can still be used, though it has a slower charge up time.
Fishing out Gobul at the beginning of a quest (by using a frog) is a frequently-used tactic that can allow hunters time to attack with zero resistance, thus making the hunt considerably easier. However, this can only be done in Area 4, the Gobul's starting area.