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 what i'm currently writing

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PostSubject: what i'm currently writing   Sun Mar 31, 2013 8:30 am

You know how they say MMOs are time consuming and you think, “I will not have time to play this"? That is why you should get into them in beta or early stages of the game. Because the content is usually limited so you can reach the level cap and then play as the content comes out. It makes MMOs a lot less time consuming if you are already caught up on the early content. MMOs aren't as complicated as people think. It's like if you took your favorite game on the console and it just kept getting expansion packs. So essentially mmorpgs are just like an ongoing anime. The longer the game is out, the more chapters you will have to play to catch up. But what if you started playing them on release, then the newbie to end-game content gap is a lot less and you can look forward to each update as if it were a new episode.

Not only will you see and watch the game and community grow. But you will also get to do all the events that come around to get all those cool items you see the veterans walk around in. The only downside I can think of is that when you do get in early and end up reaching the current endgame the next patch might be a decent time away usually more then a couple months. So you might get bored waiting for the updates and end up playing something else. This can be good or bad but that is your opinion. This does not happen if you take it slow and wait for the patch to come along. You can also just play through the content without pacing yourself for people who do not have a lot of time to dedicate to MMOs.

Personally my research and or finding games to play train of thought process goes like this.
1. Surfing mmohut.com for interesting games.
2. Going to the games site and checking the game classes stat system races and special features.
3. Going to YouTube to check out gameplay and combat styles.
4. Download game and head over to the official Wikipedia for the game to check the information on stuff like stat and damage calculations and the skill trees and class trees if any.
5. Play the game
6. Sometimes write reviews, guides, and articles about the game.

Researching how the stats and skill trees work in each game is very important. This is because that is most of the character customization in mmorpgs besides the visuals like body type race and stuff. Every game is different so I cannot go into detail on what stats do and what stats they will have.

The basic ones are:
Str (Strength) usually affect your base physical damage

Sta (Stamina) this can affect allot of things depending on the game. Hit-Points and Defense are the most common.
It can also affect how much stamina you have which is usually used for skills.

Will (Willpower) This stat usually affect critical rate and critical damage.
It can also affect damage of some skill or combat style in some games like fighter in mabinogi.

Int (Intelligence) This stat usually affects Magic based damage and sometimes the ability to read books and stuff.

Dex (Dexterity) This stat is usually used as Damage for long range attacks like bows and cross-bows and stuff.
It can always affect dodge rate and block rate sometimes. Also sometimes slightly increases physical attack power but usually allot less then Strength.

Again all this stuff changes in every game you play be it what each stat does, or how much damage boost the stat points gives. Also each game has its own type of damage formula but you do not need to know exactly how a game works to enjoy it. It's important to know what each stat does so you can get the best out of the class you choose.

The Next thing you might have to consider is the Class Tree. In some games as you level up you will be able to choose a class path
for example :
[Rouge]-|-[Assassin]- |
======|=========[Shadow Walker]

Not all game will have Class trees as complex as this or even any at all but it is still something to look for.

The other thing you should look into is Skill trees for your class. Most games you will not get enough skill points to unlock and max out all your Skills. So you will have to plan somewhat to see what skill you want and how you want your character to fight. Skills usually varies in differant types. These can be attacks with higher Damage %s then your base. You will also find Skills that boost your stats called buffs. There is are many different types of damaging skills out there that can affect how you may build your character and fight. I will talk about some of the basically damage and buffs you might see in mmorpgs. Again these will vary depending on the game and might not even be there at all.

The first and most common type of skill is ones that just do more damage then your normal attack and usually have some type of cool down or cast time. These usually increase in damage as you rant it up, like first rank is 110% then 115% to 120% ect. The second type of damage skill you might see is DoT (Damage over time) These skills usually have low damage when you first hit the target but usually gives the target some type of Status that does damage to it over a set period of time. The common DoTs are Burning, Poison and Bleeding. There are also many other types that may show up. Ranking up these skills usually increases how long or how often the target suffers from the DoT or increase how much damage it takes each time the effect happens.

The Third Damage skill type you might see is AoE (Area of effect) These skills usually act like the first Damaging type but with lower damage % bonuses but in return they damage all the enemies in the Skill's Attack circle. This is great for people who want a tank build so they can gather up the monsters and then just fight them all at once. Although the best AoE skills are usually magic related some are melle or Ranged. Yes the Squishy mages are usually the ones with the cool and strong AoE skills.

The other type of skills you might see are healing skills that cure statuses or HP. and Buff skills that boost stats. I will not go into details on what you might find among these skills because there are usually not universal. Another thing you will notice in mmorpgs are the Different roles players will play in a party.
These Consist mainly of DPS (Damage per second), Tanks (high defensive units), or Supports (Healing, Revive, and Buffing).

Let me explain a little more about each role. The DPS person in the party is usually a class or class build that is focused on dishing out damage as fast as possible over durability. This class builds will be more fragile then most other class builds but will have the highest damage output. Be it from DoTs or just High % skills. This class builds is always welcome in parties because it helps take down the bosses faster but may not do so well alone unless your also evasion built.

The Tank is a class build that focuses on Being able to take hits and has defensive stats. The type of skills a tank might use is agro control and AoEs or even Defensive type buffs. The main role of a tank is to keep the party safe from the enemies while the DPS class builds dish out the pain while they distracted.
agro control is usually important but again it varies depending on the game. Some tank classes get self healing skills.

The Support class build is focused on skills that help your party fight more effectively by using powerful buffs to increase their stats, Damage output or even reduce the time needed to use Skills. Support class builds also usually play the role of healer were you heal your party while they fight, cure status effects or increase their max hp with buffs. These class builds usually end up the most fragile of the roles. So the only attacks they do have if any are usually long range or magical. This is not always the case though.

Hybrid class builds are the type of builds were u combine two of the basic class builds types and combine the two to be slightly less affect then a pure build but able to do much more. Good examples of this would be a DPS build that also has a great assortment of buffs to further your damage. Also a Tank build on a spell caster so you can use more AoE spells without much fear of getting to hurt. Hybrids do tend to look better on the surface. But to make a hybrid you do have to spread out your Stat and Skill points more then a builds that focuses on one path. So that does make you weaker then a pure in some aspects.

Well that is all I have to say for now.
Thank you for reading and if you have any questions about anything drop me a message in the comments below or contact me on Chatango @Dani.
So yeah until next time ^-^ bye.
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what i'm currently writing
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